Why is My Dog So Hard to Train?

Posted: April 26, 2014 in Dog Behavior
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Every dog is unique, they have very different personalities and quirks. Some follow direction easily while others would rather set the rules for themselves. If you find you are asking the question, why is my dog so hard to train?, the answer lies in the understanding of your dog.


You might be thinking that your last dog was so easy to train, that it just don’t make any sense that this one should be more difficult. You must understand that there are a number of traits that may be the cause. The reason your training efforts are being hampered boils down to your dogs independent nature and the level of dominance he is displaying.


Let’s examine the issue of Confidence.


A confident dog likes to do things his way, he struts around with his tail curled high up over his back, and he will not take orders very well. He will definitely make you jump through hoops to prove that you deserve his attention. Prepare yourself for the growling when you try to take a favorite toy for him, and maybe even snap at you. This type of dog is trainable, and if you set clear, reasonable rules, boundaries, and limitations, and be consistent with what you want, your dog will learn that you are clearly in charge and your training efforts will get easier.


Let’s examine the issue of Independence


An independent dog may love you but will seem like he could care less if he pleases you. He will most likely be a loner, chooses not to play with other dogs, and not want to be petted, or groomed, and may protest when you try. He may turn away from you when you try to correct him.


Do not try to use physical force, ie, yanking the leash, yelling, ect, when trying to train an independent dog, they will resist and your training will go no where. The best way to train this kind of dog is to find what they like the best, ie, treats, or a toy, and use this to your advantage. When he is getting what he wants he will be more likely to be compliant.


If you take the time to learn about what makes your dog tick, your training efforts will be more successful, and you can stop asking the question, why is my dog so hard to train?


If you have questions about this or any topic, I would love to hear from you. You can contact me through the form beneath this post. Grab a free copy of my training report on How to have a well-trained dog in 4 easy steps. Just contact me through the form and I will send you a copy as soon as I can.


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