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I am always open for business.. that being said please don’t call me up at 3 in the morning..I don’t function well at that time… preferably you will call between the hours of 8 am and 11 pm.. to discuss your dogs training or behavioral issues..with setting up an appointment for me to come and visit you in your home.

You can email me if you like, but telephone is better as I may need to ask several questions and emailing can be tedious.

I live and work  in Cloverdale New Brunswick and surrounding areas, Fredericton, Oromocto, Millville, Nackawick, Hartland, Centerville, Woodstock, Grand Falls, Perth and Plaster Rock, but if you are willing to pay for the extras I will come anywhere to help you.


Harley Harrington
River Valley Dog Training
H: 506-375-4143

The DogsDen, 
5705 Route 104, 
New Brunswick,


  1. Robert says:

    Hi Harley
    We have 2 GSD with a lot of drive which is fine with us. The problems is that we used to have 2 cats one which was a Maine Coon. He passed last year and not because of the doors.
    Out 2 GSD eventhough they came after the cats they have the cats completely terrified because out male is bent on trying to kill the cat.
    Just last night he managed to get a hold of him and had every intention of killing him.
    Now we have tried everything to tame the docs in that respect to no avail. We are at a loss of options and nothing seems towel. E-collars training collars punishment, nothing has worked thus far

    Would you have any suggestions to help us.




    • Hey Robert..thanks for writing me.. in the short term I would suggest that you keep your dogs on leash at all times while you work on your bond.. having a strong relationship with your high drive dogs is the only way to control their behavior.. and that will take time..and lots of structured daily training and patience…if you would like to talk about it call me at 506 -375- 4143 any night around 7 pm Atlantic time would be fine.. I can help you get on the right track..


  2. Shandi says:

    I saw your comment about working with German shepherds on a site about euthanizing an animal with behavioral issues.
    I am curious if you have ever seen a level 10 dog aggressive dog become reliable?
    I am asking because I am facing the possibility of having to euthanize my own GSD, who is the sweetest dog except when another dog is around, I am afraid to walk him without a muzzle because he bit my thigh when he saw another dog the last time and the area I live in is not okay to walk him with a muzzle because people threaten to kill him because they think he is a police dog. So he runs on a treadmill and only goes outside to potty. It is not a good way to live for this beautiful dog.
    I am trying to rehome him but I am gripped by fear of him killing another dog because people do not listen when I explain how bad he is. They think I am dramatic but he is extremely bad. He is being worked with by two aggression specialists and they have told me that without me he would be dead. This hurts me so much because he has such a good heart and he is beautiful and full of happiness and i just want to know if there is hope for a dog that is at this level?

    Thank you for your time,
    Shandi walthall


    • Hi Shandi, thanks for writing me.. I have worked with a lot of dog aggressive dogs ..and it’s not easy to rehabilitate them.. that being said there is hope for any dog, no matter what the issue.. I look at dog behavior problems like this.. A dog is like a river.. emotions flow in a positive and happy manner until something blocks that good feeling.. like a big rock that gets tossed in the the water does not flow easy.. it has to go around the rock which causes ripples and causes resistance.. in order to get the flow going again.. we must dig a new channel for the water to follow.. in your case I would take the dogs dinner plus a few really tasty treats.. and sit on a bench where you know he will see dogs but not so close as to trigger his resistance.. when he sees a dog but don’t react ..say “good dog”..and give him some food out of your on getting him to give you eye contact when other dogs are around.. I have a good video on this subject on my blog.. just search eye contact.. now this is not a end all to your problem.. but it is a good place to start to change the negative river of emotion.. and begin to dig a new channel.. I hope this helps ..and by all means write me anytime.. thanks for your great question.. all the best.. Harley


  3. Natasha Sacobie says:

    Thanks for the tips,were working hard on getting our beagle on track


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