River Valley Dog Training Pod Casts

crazy dog reuse

In this premier episode I discuss my views on the state of modern dog training and where I think things went wrong.  

Click the link to listen now, or you can follow the directions below to download to your computer.

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  1. Rosalyn Grant says:

    Jan. 4 Just listened to your pod cast. I realize now that i need to get back to training my dog. Some of his problems are my fault for not following through with more training. Not really knowing how to go about it either. I put my dog in a puppy class when he was 6 months old. He knew most of what they taught before he started. It was more of a social thing as there were 10 dogs in class. I wasn’t happy with what came out of the course. The other thing that i have a problem with is , my dog has an aggresion problem. When we brought him home he had a food aggression problem. I hand fed him for a couple of months and now i can feed him out of his dish etc. no problem. But, if you put your hand down AFTER he starts eating he will still bite. So problem is not solved. Don’t know how to fix it. He is posessive of toys or will pick up things he is not susposed to have and will bite if you try to take them away. I have him trading for a treat right now . The other problem is, i think, he is scarred of everything. He wants to meet people and as soon as they bend down to pat him he will look up and then just like lightning he will bite them. Now i’m scarred to let him around anyone. He is 1yr 2 months old now. I think i’ve just given you lots of material to blog about. I need help and direction.


    • Hi Rosalyn, thanks for responding to my post. In the next few days I will write about what you are going through.. I know it can be dis-heartening to not know how to address a problem with your dog, especially after taking so many classes.. the main thing is to not give up hope..there are ways to deal with any problem and I will do my best to help you..write me anytime ..


  2. Andy J. says:

    Just listened …enjoyed it, agree with what you said> I like your honesty. Thanks so much. You may be seeing me in the near future. Something about your approach rings true with me…..AJ


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