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dog eating

Sometimes we just assume that our dogs are getting the nutrients they need to be healthy, feeding them as we have always fed our dogs, with a bag of food we got off the shelf at our local grocery store. Sadly that assumption can lead to your dog’s early death. I decided to help you answer the question of  what should you feed your dog?

The reality is, your dog has very specific nutritional needs that are a lot like ours. If you don’t fulfill them, your dog can have digestive issues, or even get sick.

Giving your dog scraps from the table is not good for your dog, most things are high in the kind of fats that will only make your dog overweight and do nothing for his health. It is best to never give your dog our food, and keep the fat content to a minimum.

In the wild a dog would get nutrients from fresh kills, berries, roots, grass, and small insects like grasshoppers. Unfortunately store-bought dog foods do not have a balance of these thing so it is important to supplement your dog’s diet.

If you are using a dry corn-based food I can tell you it is not doing the job. You will need to give your dog some chicken or beef to ensure they are getting enough protein, organic is best to reduce the amount of  chemicals your dog is ingesting.  Even though dogs are carnivores they can benefit greatly from some vegetables and fruit, like apples in their diet. The best advice is to consult with your vet to make sure you don’t give your dog fruits that may harm him.

Fish is good, as long as you make sure there are no bones in it. Eggs are also a good source of protein and the kind of fatty acids that are good for your dog’s health

You should only feed your dog twice a day, and depending on the size of your dog, 1-2 cups per meal is adequate to maintain a healthy dog. Giant breed dog’s may require a bit more. Additionally, you should set regular times to feed your dog, don’t just fill the bowl and leave it on the floor, this will only encourage your dog to eat more, thus gain weight.

Make your dog work for his food, have him do some obedience training, go for a walk first, or provide mental stimulation, by making him sit and wait before he eats.

These are just some tips on what you should feed your dog, and I have only scratched the surface, I hope this will encourage you to read the labels on the food you buy for your dog, or better still, do some research on how to cook nutritious  foods for your dog.

Make a conscious effort to learn more about what it is you are feeding your dog, and understand that it does have a direct effect on how long and well they will live.

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