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I am going to get a little “sciency” on ya for a minute or two..yeah I can be a nerd like that..but in order to help you understand how your dog “senses” the world, I gotta put on my lab coat and talk about energy.


In the dictionary energy is described as a source of power.

An example of this would be as follows

In the world of physics potential energy is described as… the energy of a body or a system with respect to the position of the body or the arrangement of the particles of the system. 

In other words potential energy is energy waiting to be released.

So to understand how a dog experiences the world he lives in, we will be talking about your dog as being a biological living system, and the energy that drives their behavior is,.. how they feel at the moment about the emotional energy  of what ever it is they are attracted it a squirrel, person, or another dog.

We are much the same  as our dogs.. living systems of emotional energy.

Sadly,.. most humans don’t live in the moment,.. so we take the long way round, we think and feel,.. and then make a decision based on our emotions.

Humans absorb the energy the world gives off through 5 distinct senses..

1. Sight

2. Smell

3. Feel

4. Hearing

5. Taste

Dogs use these same five senses as we do., as well as some that can’t be a sixth sense or gut feeling.

In other words,..

Dogs and humans will have a feeling about something or someone long before they actually have time to think about it.

I am sure you have heard someone say, “I just knew something was up..I had a bad feeling about that guy.”

I believe it is this sense that can’t be measured that allows a dog to sniff out cancer, or to alert their owners of an impending seizure.

To put it in more simple terms, a dog takes in the energy that the world gives off, as vibrations..and in doing so one of two things happens.

Either the energy flows through the dog and has no effect on the dog or..

The energy is left unresolved and gets stored in the dog’s body as stress.

This can happen in times when your dog sees a squirrel or another dog and he starts to react by going into prey drive and you drag him away.

Dogs store stress as potential energy,.. it’s like a charge in their internal battery, and the stress is used to help the dog in times of intense activity,..when they need to exert a lot of effort, like the next time they are confronted by the dreaded squirrel, or that dog that just gets their energy going every time they meet.

Now in nature there is nothing inherently wrong with’s what allows a dog or wolf to hunt dangerous animals much larger then themselves,.. like moose or deer.

The problem is that domesticated dogs do not have the opportunity to hunt large game, so it is in our best interest to keep their stress levels low, and maintain a high level of relaxation..a relaxed dog who has very little stored up potential energy is much easier to handle when a high level of excitement takes place, such as seeing another dog or coming upon a squirrel.

Think of it like this, your dog’s body is a system,.. though which the energy of the world flows.

If your dog is relaxed their body is a wide open channel,.. and large amounts of energy can flow through easily.

If your dog is tense, full of stress and fear, their channel is narrowed,.. and if the same large amounts of energy is pumped through it, the flow is constricted and there is a dramatic increase in pressure, thus producing a higher risk that your dog is going to “blow up”, emotionally speaking.

This is why the best trained dogs will suddenly take off after a dog that strayed onto the property, growl or snap at their owners after years of having no issues with unwanted behavior.

So how do we make sure that we can drain our dogs battery so that their energy channels are wide open,.. therefore reducing the risk of blowing up.

It is really very simple.., the next time you take your dog for a walk and he sees a squirrel or other dog.., and starts to react..instead of dragging him off,,. thus insuring he will have unresolved stress about the situation, try this instead…pull out a tug toy..

Get his attention on you and the toy… and when the dog has past or the squirrel is up the tree…have a rousing game of tug of war, and remember to let your dog win..

This way your dogs stress will be relieved through the natural flow of energy during the prey drive inducing game of tug of war…and in time your dog will learn that this is what it feels like to chase the squirrel, or connect with that dog, and he will start to be more attracted to you as the source to resolve his feelings, and in time,.. looking to you will become an automatic response to highly charged energy situations.

So to sum it up, we have discussed how our dogs are feeling and thinking animals, and it should be your goal to help your dog be relaxed enough to respond to highly charged emotional energy with feelings..and engage their prey drive to make sure they don’t have time to think..

When a dogs goes from feeling (emotional energy).. to thinking( acting on instinct) is nearly impossible to get them to respond to you..and it is during these moments of instinct.. that a dog can get into all sorts of trouble in the domesticated world he lives in.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have questions or comments leave them below, I want to hear what you think.

All the best,


Resource:  Natural Dog Training.Com


Check This Out!

alpha roll





You’ve read many dog training books and a lot of them tell you that in order for you to control
your dogs behavior you must be physically forceful with them…. WRONG!

Science has proven that using force is definitely not the right way to treat your best friend.

The Best Way To Discipline Your Dog

You want to discipline your dog but you are really confused about what to do. You know you have to
do something to let your dog know that what he is doing is wrong..but what?

I like to teach my dogs how to think for themselves, by providing consistent positive guidance and
letting my dogs have choices and the freedom to express their emotion….to put it simply.. show
them the way to good behavior.

Never and I mean NEVER..kick,hit,yell,poke or roll your dog on it’s back or side and hold them
down until they stop moving…just so you can feel like you have shown them that you are the boss.

This will only ruin your dogs trust in you and in most cases make the problem even worse, using
force will only make your dog shut down, and maybe even become dangerous because some dogs will
react in a negative way to being punished in this fashion.. in other words..violence begets

I discipline my dog’s using the “behavioral interuptus” method..I coined that phrase just now..I
use my voice to re-direct my dogs onto the appropriate behavior. I also use time outs where I
remove the dog for a short period of time to allow them to regain composure and them re-introduce
them to the task at hand..and sometimes I just ignore the behavior.

This is the only kind of discipline you will ever need to lovingly guide your dog onto good behavior.

The size or age of your dog does not matter, or if you are training for basic obedience or rehabilitating
red-zone dogs who have a history of aggression.

One of the biggest mis-conceptions about dogs is that they are out to take over your house.

That everything they do is a direct challenge to your dominance..and because they are
behaving badly they are trying to be the alpha, the boss, the big cheese..Nonsense.

Your dog doesn’t get up everyday and plot with the family cat…ways to take over the are just trying to figure out how to cope and live in a domesticated world that we
brought them into..and it’s our job to teach them how to cope.

One form of discipline that you might have heard about that is really very destructive.. but people
think it works because that’s what they were’s called the alpha roll over, or flooding.

This is an outdated theory that tells you to toss your dog on it’s back or side and hold it there
until it becomes submissive or stops moving..actually your dog is not calming down, even though it
may look like it.. in fact your dog is shutting down.

This is a instinctual survival behavior that dogs will do in order to get the threat to go away..

If you could see the dogs stress levels you would discover that they are through the roof..and in this moment your dog is not learning anything.. it is just hoping you will go away.

What you have effectively done is to show the dog that you are a bully, that you are the violent one,
and if your dog was already insecure..the stress you put on the dog will surely make matters much

Use discipline your dogs to help them make the best choices..instead of making them
afraid of you.