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11188397_818078361580910_7762837488932187458_nIf your dog is barking on leash and it’s ruining your walks,.. then I have three tips that will help you get control over your vocal dog..

There are many reasons your dog will bark while out for a walk..but the main reason is because he or she hasn’t been taught otherwise.. so here are the tips that will get you back in the driving seat and on the path to enjoying your walks again with your fuzzy faced friend.

#1. You want to interrupt your dog while he is thinking about barking..not after he has started..and then redirect your dog to a more appropriate behavior..timing is everything.

#2. The closer you are to what makes your dog bark the harder it will be for you to get him or her to focus on you and your high value food the second your dog thinks about barking..move away from what is attracting your dogs attention and work your eye contact and get a sit..

#3. Use high value food rewards like cooked chicken or cut up pieces of hot dog.. anything that your dog loves but don’t usually get..if your rewards are valuable enough to your dog it will be easier for you to get their attention and work them around the distraction…first at a distance where your dog does not react and then move slowly closer to the thing that makes your dog bark.. You want to set your dog up to succeed ..not to fail…

That’s it for today..I hope you are all enjoying this nice weather and I’ll talk to ya soon.

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images (5)Good morning and Happy Monday morning to everyone..

I hope you have a wonderful day in spite of he dreaded time change!!

How many of you can relate to this..

You’re out on the street with your dog and he or she suddenly begins to act out..jumping around, biting the leash, pulling,lunging,barking at everyone who passes by..people are staring.. and the more you try to get control of your loving pooch..the worse he seems to behave.

Sometimes it’s your attempts to bring him under control that is exacerbating the problem..your dog thinks you want to play.. If this is you,.. and your dog just won’t look or listen to you..I have a couple of tips that will help you begin to turn you “wild child” around.

You can’t have a well-mannered and polite dog on the street if you don’t have a well-mannered dog at home..there are exceptions to this rule..

I know there are some dogs that are angels at home and go berserk any rate these tips will work to help any dog with any control problem…

#1. Train your dog at home for 2 minutes 4 times a day..basic obedience commands.,come, sit, down,,and stay..with and without distractions..

#2. Exercise your dog twice a day and be sure to engage their prey drive, ie, play tug of war and let them win.. this will relieve stress both in your dog and you..

#3. Set a higher expectation for your dogs behavior..have them sit for everything they, play, social interaction both with dogs and people.. when you put this kind of structured routine in your dog’s life they will soon be looking at you more and paying attention when it really counts..

If you have questions or just want to comment on this or any post you read.. I would love to hear from ya.

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brown dog tugs

In this post I demonstrate how to use the tug toy as a means to connect with your dog and to help release stored up stress.  It is designed to keep the flow of energy moving so it don’t get stuck, and to bring fear to the surface so the dog can process it better.

Although I use the example of Lola being attracted to the power truck out on the road, this exercise is designed to answer the question that all dogs ask..what do I do with my energy,..regardless of it is a person, dog, or squirrel that your dog becomes attracted to,.. this is how you can get them to give their energy to you.

For more information about playing tug with your dog click here,.. Play Tug



Dogs are dangerous animals, that is a fact, and they can hurt you if they decide to bite. Most of the time they are playful and happy, eager to be in the company of humans and other dogs, but sometimes a dog can develop aggression issues. That’s why I decided to provide you with these 5 expert tips on how to deal with an aggressive dog.

The first time people experience aggression from a dog, be it their own dog or one they meet while out and about, can be very scary. There is no mistaking the body language,( warnings), of a dog who is displaying aggression, some are subtle while others overt, such as, stiff body, hackles up, teeth bared, staring straight at you growling. It is very unnerving.

There are some things you can do to lessen the possibility that you will get bitten by a dog who for whatever reason,( and there are many triggers that can bring on aggression, such as pain, fear, pent-up frustration, invasion of their space, especially when eating.) Read each of the following tips very carefully and if you have questions, please contact me for more information.

Expert tip 1– The first emotion we feel when confronted by a dog showing aggression is fear, it’s a natural response to danger, however, the dog will pick up on your fearful state of mind and react accordingly.

You must get control of your fear, stand your ground, stand up straight and tall, shoulders back chin, up. Show the dog he is not going to run you off.

 Expert tip 2– Do not, look the dog directly in the eye, this will only challenge the dog and may cause the dog to attack. Look past the dog, or to the left or right, never make direct eye contact or stare back at the dog.

 Expert tip 3– If your dog is showing aggression towards another dog turn your dog’s head away from the dog so he can’t make direct eye contact, this will show your dog that the other dog poses no threat, and will help to calm your dog down.

 Expert tip 4– If your dog is displaying aggressive warning signs, like growling, do not punish him for it, this may back fire and make your dog more dangerous because your dog will stop warning, and simply go straight to the attack.

Expert tip 5– If you don’t know what to do, call a professional, because you can make things worse if you attempt to change your dogs aggressive behavior. You will want to act quickly, because if left un-checked, your dog may end up causing someone or their dogs sever physical damage, and you will have to face the legal consequences of this action.

To prevent aggression in our dogs, it is vital that we begin proper socialization training as soon as we get the dog or puppy. Consistent training and showing the dog what behavior is acceptable and which is not will go a long way to making sure you have a happy healthy and well-balanced dog.

I hope these 5 expert tips on how to deal with an aggressive dog has helped you gain a little more knowledge that you can use to protect yourself and your dog, if you have questions about this or any other topic I would love to hear from you. Just enter you information in the contact form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

P.S. You can also grab a copy of my training report on how to have a well-trained dog in 4 easy steps, send me a message and I will send you a copy.

Until next time, good luck with your training.


dog park


In order to have fun and be safe while in the dog park there are a few rules that need to be adhered to, the following will outline things to do and not to do.

• If there is a pack of dogs at the gate, wait until the crowd goes away.

• Watch all dogs closely,{ not just your own}, observe the level of play and
interrupt them if they get too rambunctious. Move around so your dog will
have to watch you closely.

• If your dog seems afraid remove them from the park.

• If your dog is being a bully remove them from the park.

• If your dog just wants to leave the park, respect that and go home,
don’t stay, hoping things will get better.

• Refrain from taking toys to the park as this will increase the opportunity
for resource guarding.

•Don’t believe that your dog can solve problems with other dog’s on their
own, this can lead to disaster.

• Don’t just talk with other people or chat on your phone, pay
close attention to your dog while at the park.

• Don’t take advice from other people in the park, they
may not understand their dogs behavior.

• Don’t assume a dog is aggressive just because it is showing

If you follow this simple tips you will increase your chances of
having a fun time at the park.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me using the contact form .