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I was talking with a friend of mine this morning and she asked me what one thing is most important in order to have well-trained dogs..

I thought about this for a moment and realized that the one thing I do that makes all the difference in how any dog responds to me is that I always work with them when my mind is clear and calm..

I have found a way to shut out thoughts about yesterday and tomorrow..

and to just be that moment of time…

It’s in these moments of mindful awareness that we can both share peace…

Dogs are masters of living in the moment.. but because of the stress of living in our world they often have difficulty calming their mind.. this is when we start seeing behavior problems..

People have difficulty with this concept.. but can experience life in the moment.. for example..

If a soldier is going into combat ..there are no thoughts of tomorrow or yesterday..they are focused on the task at hand..

so to is the person who jumps out of an airplane..

But how can someone get into the present moment from the safety of the living room couch?..

I would like for you to try this 30 second experiment.. sit quietly in your living room or any room for that matter.. and focus on a spot on the floor.. don’t move your eyes from that spot or move your body.. this is important because if your body is moving..your mind is not settled….

Now become aware of the weight of gravity pulling on your body holding you to the chair or floor..

Now focus on a sound in the room..

the hum of the refrigerator ..

the ticking of a clock..

If there is no sound..then the white noise you hear in your head…

Now just hold that focus and mindful awareness of sight,feeling,and sound.. if a thought creeps into your mind that’s o.k..just go back to focusing …

As you hold this mindful awareness for the 30 seconds try to think about what you will do tomorrow.. you will find it is very hard to do.. practice this daily and work it up so you can hold this focus and awareness for 5 minutes at a time..

Then let your dog into the room..don’t look at your dog or speak to them.. just go into this mindful awareness.. you will be surprised how your dog reacts to it.. in most cases your dog will lay down and go to sleep.. and when they do you will know that you have connected with your dog in that present moment.. and you both will feel the peace..

Your training will grow exponentially.. I guarantee it..

I would love to answer any questions you might have, or discuss with you how living in the moment can vastly improve the relationship you have with your dogs.. contact me anytime.. and have a great day!


dog yoga reuse

There’s just one thing that all dogs want to know, and they need you to answer it.

Between raising the kids and making meals, working a shift, going to soccer games, swimming lessons, making time for your better half, going to the gym walking the dog..well.. the list could go on and on, but there is no doubt about one the end of the day your energy is spent, taking off your shoes seems to be a chore that might require some assistance.

With all the things we do daily that drain our energy, the very act of doing them causes stress to our bodies and our minds, and stress as we all know can have very negative effect on us if we don’t deal with it.

So..we have learned that in order to alleviate some of this stress so that we don’t explode..(emotionally speaking,) there are certain activities that help to keep us in balance so we can get up the next day and do it all again.

You might enjoy listening to music, yoga class, reading a good book, massage, sitting on the porch watching the sun go down, smoking a pipe., the possibilities are endless, and individual to you..what works for you might not work for others.

Now let’s consider the daily life of most dogs..not all dogs but most.

A dogs day starts the same time your’s does, if not before..and they have even more energy that you have to start their day..but, instead of getting ready to go to work …they will be lucky to get out for 5 minutes to use the bathroom, come inside and have 10 minutes to eat…a quick pat on the head from you, and a be a good boy till I get back..and then they are sequestered in their assigned areas until you come back.

For most dogs their day is spent either tied in the yard, behind a fence, in a crate, locked in the house.

One thing  is for sure their range of movement is restricted to some degree.

Still he is constantly bombarded by energy coming from life going on around him.

Someone repeatedly knocks on the door because no one there to answer it, a squirrel runs across the yard, the dog next door is in heat, the boom of a passing thunderstorm, needs to relieve himself but it will be two hours before anyone comes to let him outside.

Over the span of the 6-8 hours most people are away from the house the dog has absorbed vast quantities of stress, but has burned very little when you finally get home, your dog is a quivering emotional stressed out soon as you open the door or let him out of the crate he jumps up on you, runs around the house maybe knocking over plants and what not.

He paws at you for attention, barks non stop at you or someone passing on the street, surfs the counters, chases the cats, and if you do take him for a walk he pulls you down the street with your feet practically off the ground, and stops only when another dog approaches him and he starts to growl and lunge dragging you toward the strange dog.

The reason a dog does all these different and sometimes annoying behaviors is due to the fact that he is stressed out and is searching for something, anything to satisfy his emotional state of mind, which brings me to the main point of my article..there’s just one thing all dogs want to know..

What do I do with all my energy?

All the best,


Resource: Natural Dog


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The most important thing you can teach your dog is to reliably come when called, this is the foundation of a well-trained dog. I have also learned that teaching your dog to sit will effectively eliminate at least 100 things your dog can’t do, to get in the soup. The following top 5 reasons you should train your dog to sit is only the tip of the iceberg, I’m sure you can come up with many more when you look around your house or go for walks.

Top 5 Things Your Dog Can’t Do When Sitting 

1- Can’t jump up and knock Granny down.

2- Can’t ram his nose in your under business.

3- Can’t chase the alley cat that rampages through your trash.

4- Can’t run out the door when it’s open

5- Can’t run out into traffic at busy intersections

How To Teach Your Dog To Sit

You have the power to move your dog’s body into different positions without ever touching them. This is accomplished by utilizing their highly developed sense of smell to your advantage. It is very easy to train your puppy or dog to sit reliably in a very short amount of time.

Step 1- Use a treat or some of your dog’s kibble, and put it about an inch from your dog’s nose. not to far back as to make them come forward, and if they back up find a corner to back your dog into and use it to help you keep your dog in place.

Note: Your dog may feel trapped in the corner,become fearful and try to get away, do not physically force him to stay, simply block his attempts to come out, stay calm, and do not speak,,in time he should settle down and focus on the smell of the treat. If the fear begins to turn to panic, remove the dog from the corner and go for a walk or play, something that the dog loves to do. The lesson would be that the corner is not going to work, so adapt and overcome, get someone to help you, ect.

Step 2- Move your hand back and forth to make sure he is engaged as his head will follow his nose, which is following your hand.

Makes sense right?

Now move your hand slowly up the bridge of your dogs nose and raise it above his head so that when he tilts his head back and looks up at the treat it is about 1-2 inches above his nose. Not to high or he will be tempted to jump up.

Step 3- Now slowly move the treat back towards his tail, and watch his body react, he will hesitate and maybe jerk, and fidget while he is figuring this out, or maybe he will just plunk his bum on the floor like he’s been doing it all his life. All dogs learn at different rates, so be patient and celebrate the small things.

When his bum hits the floor say, “Good Dog” in a happy tone and give the treat.

Once you know he gets it, you can begin to phase out the food, replacing it with life rewards, like going for a walk, getting fed,playing fetch, sniffing the grass. Every so often it is good to use a high value food reward like sausage, it helps to keep your dogs engaged and attentive, it’s important to not be boring, they will lose interest in you and training. Dog’s don’t do boring very well.

There you have it, the top 5 reasons you should train your dog to sit. From now on every time you call your dog to come, have him sit when he gets there, teach him to lie down and work on having him hold the stay command ( standing, sitting,lying down) for at least 1 minute, and he only moves from that spot when you say “go play”, or what ever command you use to release your dog, accomplish this and you will be well on your way to having a well-trained and obedient companion dog. If you are consistent with daily training, this can be accomplished in about 30 days.

That’s it for now