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You train your dog often. Bloody often.

You feed him the best foods. You take him to the dog park. You rack your brain to come up with new
and exciting things for your dog to do.

But that’s not all you do.

You take good care of his health. You take him to the groomers for the latest doggie hair do’s. You

hug him everyday.

Yet you can’t help feeling something is wrong.

Yesterday you told your dog to get off the couch and he growled at you.

It was so scary, and now you’re worried about your kids.

You want to know what this means. Should you give your dog away. Is there anything you can do
about this?

The short answer is Yup.

You can learn about the signs your dog is giving you. Learning these signs and what they mean can
prevent you from getting bitten by your own dog.

These 5 signs are predictors that your dog don’t like what you are doing and if you don’t pay them
heed, the consequences can be tragic.

1. Growling or snapping.

You need to give your dog space when this happens. What was he doing when he growled. Was he eating,sleeping, or on the couch. You need to learn what causes him to growl or snap and if you don’t know what to do to change this behavior, get professional help.

2. Hackles up.

Your dogs fur is raised up all along his back. This is a sign you should pay attention to and back off.

3. Wagging tail.

You might be surprised by this one. When a dog is happy his tail wags his whole body. A dog that is about to bite will be rigid. His tail is high up and wagging quickly.

4. Yawning,lip licking, won’t look at you.

You should know that this is a sign your dog is not comfortable. He may not bite, but this is a warning. Find out what is he worried about and alleviate his discomfort.

5. Tail tucked under,slinking low to the ground.

You need to give this dog space. Let him come to you. His fearful nature can lead to aggressiveness. He might not bite but if cornered or stressed, he could react with aggression.

Now you can begin to relax. You now know what your dog is trying to tell you. Take action today to help your dog change his behavior. Tell your friends and family about the 5 signs that you are about to get bitten by your own dog, and help them understand how to prevent getting injured.

Before you get back to your busy day.

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