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In this video post I will explain how to train your dog to sit.


When you have trained your dog to sit on command and to be reliable, you have a very powerful tool to work with when faced with every day problems that might arise.



Here are the written instructions to help you learn how to train your dog to sit.
Step 1

Get your treats ready and call your dog over to you. Once he is there put the treat right on his nose..and using the treat as a lure, raise it up until his head is tilting back, don`t go too high as this might cause him to jump up to get the treat.

Step 2

Now you will slowly move the treat back wards and at some point gravity will take over and your dog will sit down. The second his butt hits the floor, give him the treat.

* If  your dog keeps walking backward you can put him in a corner to prevent him from moving back.

Repeat this until you know your dog understands what you want, and now you add the word Sit.

Step 3

Now you will say, Rover, Sit“ and repeat step 2. Once you are sure your dog knows what sit means, then it`s time to phase out the treats.

The process of phasing out the treats goes like this. You begin to stagger the rewards, one time you will give a reward and the next two times it is just praise, a “ good boy“ will do just fine. Then you will treat every other time, and then no treat for three times but a chest rub somewhere in there.

You get the idea, just make it unpredictable, so your dog will know that if he is to eventually get the treat he must sit down.

After you watch the video, how to train your dog to sit, leave me a comment and tell me how using the sit command can improve your dog training program.

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