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I want to share with you one of the most rewarding experiences I ever had with one of my dogs that proved beyond a doubt how important having a strong bond with your dog truly is., and it happened today.

I have always worked hard to communicate with my dogs, through body language, energy and gestures, that when put together is like a second language.

I have this kind of relationship with Lola my 6-year-old Blue Blood German Shepard.

You see Lola just had a litter of pups 7 days ago, it was a small litter of two males and one female.

I have a building especially for her to tend to her babies without being bothered. It is important for her to have the first 12 days to nurse and care for her pups, without any outside stress, and yes when she is protecting new-born, even my presence is a little stressful for her, although if I have to I can go in the birthing room and handle both her and her pups without getting her too upset.

Anyway to get back to telling you about what transpired between me and Lola this afternoon that made me realize that the lines of communication, loyalty, and trust between us is rock solid,..she reinforced to me that I am her leader and she knows that when she needs me, I will understand what she wants and provide it for her.

I always open the door to the birthing room in the mornings and leave it open so she can go out and do her business, and she is just beginning to leave the pups for a minute or two to help develop their independence.

Well I was doing some work up stairs on my computer when suddenly my Uncle Fenton called up the stairs, “Hey, your dog just barked at the door for me to let her in.”

I immediately thought this was strange because she would never leave her pups alone for that long. I told Fenton to let her in, and she came charging up the stairs like her tail was on fire, and again I knew something was up because she never runs in the house, it was how she was trained. She got to me and before I could say, “What’s up girl?”, she forcefully threw my arm up in the air with her snout, and yipped at me. Ordinarily this behavior indicates dominance and I would consider it disrespectful,  but I know her better than to believe that and  I could tell she was very anxious and excited,,something she never is unless I kick in her drives.

She ran to the top of the stairs and looked back as if to say hurry up and come with on..

So I followed her out of the house and out to the birthing room with her leading all the way, again something she never does, she always follows me except when I give her free time, and when I got there I found that I had forgotten to pin the door open and the wind had blown it shut..she couldn’t get in..

The door was scratched up a lot where she had tried to open it herself, but when that wasn’t working she thought of me,and came to the door and barked to let someone know she wanted in and then came straight to me and communicated to me clearly that she wanted me to follow her and she wasn’t taking No for an answer.

The fact that she is smart enough to figure things out comes as no surprise to me, what I had to write about was the honor I felt when she came to me for help…just knowing that she trusts me that much….validated all my years as a dog trainer and what it means to the people and dogs that I have met.


Have you ever had one of these uplifting moments with your dog,I would love to hear about it.
All the best,