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Some one asked me yesterday, what is the best way to train your dog to come when I thought I would share that with you today.

The easiest way I know of is to play hide and seek with your new puppy or dog.

There are many benefits to this method..

It engages your dogs prey drive and enhances your dogs attraction to you and other family members..which is important if you want your dog to come when called no matter what is going on to distract them..

It will help make you the most attractive thing in your dogs world..

Dogs love this game because they get to do what dogs love to do most..hunt, and in this game they will be hunting you.

This is the way I play this game with my dogs..

Now you can play inside or out.. I prefer outside if possible because dogs come alive outside.. and it helps to keep the inside of your home as a place for rest and relaxation..outside is where the action and high energy activities are done.

Find a spot on a trail where there are bushes to hide in..

have your dog on a long line ..approx 50 feet would suffice..

Have one of your kids or a friend take a tasty treat like a hot dog and while you hold the dog your kid or friend lets the dogs smell the treat and then run off down the trail..skipping running and calling with kissy sounds..

Then they jump off the trail at some point and hide.. don’t make it too hard at first..

Then they call the dog to come.. say the dog’s name loudly and call.. “Rover..Come!”.. then be quiet and still..

You then release the dog and he will take off down the trail..he will find the don’t worry about that..when he does..give him the treat maybe two..and..praise him.. maybe tug a bit on a tug toy..but let him win..that is important when playing tug of war with your dog..

Repeat this game as much as possible over the next few weeks..and in no time your dog will come reliably when he hears his name ..

You will want to fade out the food rewards and replace them with your praise, or a good game of tug. Don’t forget to do this don’t want your dog to become reliant on food.

If by chance your dog gets lost finding his name again loudly he will soon sniff you out..

The person holding the leash should not get involved.. just follow the dog and keep the long line in reach so you can grab it if necessary..

End the game when your dog still wants to play..this will build enthusiasm for the next time he plays.. playing this game really gets to the core of your dogs nature..his prey drive.. now go have some fun with your dog.

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In this training video I demonstrate a handy dandy dog training technique that will show you how to get your dog to come without saying a word.

You might have experienced a situation where your dog was off-leash and refused to come when you called them.

I know how this can grind your gears. ūüôā

You might get angry and maybe even tempted to chase your dog.

There is a shortcut to getting your dog to come to you without saying a word that works in most cases because it builds desire in your dog.

Building desire for something is key to any successful dog training program and in this short video I will show you how to get your dog to come without saying a word.

I would love to hear what you think about this little know dog training technique and if you try it let me know how it worked out for you.

Leave a comment and let’t talk about it.

Talk soon


come when called reuseHow to Be Sure¬†Your ¬†Dog Won’t¬†Come When Called!


Self Awareness and Judgement



If you could see through the eyes of your dog you would see that the way you are currently calling your dog to come to you might not be the best way.

If you are unsatisfied with the results you are getting when you practice the recall command you have to take a closer look at your self.

We see so clearly, hilarious things in the actions of others, yet we are totally blind to what we might be saying or doing.. or the effect it has on our good dogs.

Getting Your Dog To Come Is Easy As Pie


It is not hard at all¬†to get your dog to come to you, the harder task is making sure you don’t blow it by making some very common mistakes.

Your dog want’s to come to you, all you have to do is consistently give him real good reasons to want to.

Keep reminding yourself that you are competing for your dogs attention with other dogs butts, chattering squirrels, and that half eaten sandwich that has laid on the ground for a couple days.

So you got your work cut out for ya.

Here are some things that you can do if you want to be sure your dog Won’t¬†come to you.

Get really angry and call your dog to come.

Just picture it.,,you dog is at the other side of the park playing and sniffing another dogs butt, having a great time. You decide it’s time to head home so you call in a good natured tone of voice, “Come Fluffy.”

Fluffy turns and gives you a glance and then goes right back to sniffin’ and playin’.¬†You feel a sudden flush of¬†embarrassment, other people are watching now.

You hold in your growing frustration and call again,, this time with more authority, ” Fluffy Come Now!”

You can’t believe it, Fluffy is acting like she didn’t even hear you., and now she is way at the other end of the park playing with strangers and their dogs.

Now you are red faced mad, as you stomp across the park, neck veins bulging, muttering under your breath, “Just wait till I get you home.” ¬†and say things that you know you don’t mean, things like,

“I will never bring you to the park again.”

Imagine what you would look like if you could see your angry face in a mirror.

If Fluffy didn’t come when you were in a good natured mood, then she sure as hell aint’ coming when you look like a stark raving lunatic.

Here’s a few more:


Call your dog to come and then put him in the crate.

– Calling your dog to come and then clip his nails, give him a bath or take him to the vets.( Or anything he don’t really ¬† ¬†like)

– Calling your dog to come at the dog park and then clip the leash on him and take him home.

– Be real cheap with your food rewards, dogs really like store bought cardboard cookies. lol¬†– Don’t train your dog to be reliable off-leash, then let him go free and call him to come.

Here’s what to do if you want to guarantee your dog will come to you when you call.

When you’re at the dog park call your dog to come often, reach out and take him by the collar, have him sit, and then give him a big, tasty, piece of sausage or cooked ham.

Rub his ears and tell him how proud you are of him and what a good dog he is, be genuine, because he will know if you are faking it.

Then give him a release command and let him go play.

Do this every time you go to the park and when he is off playing by himself at home. If you are consistent you will teach your dog that when you call ¬†him to come, that¬†means good things are about to happen, and he won’t want to miss out on the goodies.

You are also training him to be compliant and reliable, two very important characteristics of a well trained dog.

Think about what you say and do with your dog, and more importantly how you say and do it.

When you look at things from your dogs point of view, training will become much easier.

All you have to do is imagine how you would react to what you just said, or did to your dog.

Talk soon,


P.S. One of the most important tools you can have is the crate, not only does it provide place for your dog to rest and feel safe, it is a great tool for managing your dogs behavior.

If you are struggling with crate training your dog then you should go here NEXT

The Ultimate Guide To Crate Training Your New Puppy or Dog





running fast








For most dog owners it is common to have a dog that will come to
you sometimes.

Maybe 7 or 8 times out of ten.

Then there are dogs that simply won’t come at all.

Even run away from you when you call

This is not only frustrating but it can be very dangerous for your

If you follow the tips below you can teach your dog to come every time you call. 

I am sure many of you can relate to at least one of these

You’re at the park and you let your dog off leash, and he or she is
gone, out of the park into the woods and if your lucky they come
back a few hours later..

You call your dog to come and he or she gets just about to you and
then veers off to go sniff another dogs butt.

You call your dog to come and they just stand there and look at you
like you’ve lost your mind..and the second you take a step toward
them they take off and you can’t catch them, it’s like a game to

Now your dog knows what it means when you call them to come and
there are several reasons why they are not complying.

#1 The Deal You Make With Your Dog.

By this I mean if you expect your dog to come to you when you call
you had better have something more interesting and exciting that
what it is they are distracted by..however in a lot of cases what
happens is you call your dog to come, and he gets to you and you
clip the lead on, put him in the car and take him home.

What your dog has learned is, I was having fun, my leader called
and suddenly the fun is over and I am back home in the yard, or at
the vet, or to the groomers to have my nails clipped.

What you have inadvertently taught your dog is that it is not a
good deal to come when called, and the next time you call your dog
he is not likely to come straight away.

I suggest you practice calling your dog and when they get to you
tell them good dog, give them a big piece of sausage, and then let
them go and play again..

When you do get ready to leave, instead of calling your dog to
come, just walk up to her take her by the collar put the lead on
and take her to the car.

You never called her to come so she won’t relate coming when called
to a negative consequence.

This is a good deal for your dog.

#2 The Prize

Some dogs like food as a prize,

This don’t mean the dry kibble they get twice a day in their bowls,
this is not going to be a good deal for your dog. Use powerful
treats like whole sausage, big chunks of last nights steak, ect.

Be random with your selection that way your dog will not know what
he is getting but will know that whatever it is will be good and
well worth coming to you to find out what he has won for a prize.

Look at it like this, if I gave you a dollar to do a job you
wouldn’t be very keen to do it, but if I gave you 1000.00 dollars,
you would be much more willing to do as I ask, and would be ready
to go the next time I asked you to do a job..make sense?

Some dogs like praise and belly rubs as a prize.

Some dogs like toys, sticks balls, ect as a prize.

#3 The 50 Foot Rope

If you can’t get your dog to come at all, then it’s important to
control your dog from the start. The rope will give you control
over your dog in any environment, and make training the recall much
easier. Don’t let them off the line, until you are sure he is going
to come when called.

Call your dog to come give a little tug on the rope and when he
gets to you give him the prize and let him go..repeat..for a couple
of days and you will be amazed at the progress you will make.

#4 What You Are Saying With Your Body Language

Sometimes people will call the dog to come and then start moving
toward the dog, this will cause your dog to stop to see where you
are going, and may even cause him to walk the other
anticipation of you chasing him.. it would be better to walk away
from your dog.

The best way is to crouch down,,and show the dog the prize, and in
a cheerful and excited high pitched voice call him to come. If you
stand up tall, and command your dog to come they might think they
are in trouble and be less likely to come.

#5 The Words You Use

Use the words good boy or good girl when your dog is coming to you
that way they will know that they are not in trouble, because you
have never used good boy or good girl when they were in trouble.

The most powerful and effective way to teach your dog to come every time you call is too establish with your dog that you are the leader, and once you have, your dog will trust that you are in charge and make good decisions so he or she will stop flipping you the paw as much to say who are you to tell me what to do..and will naturally want to follow you.

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In today’s video post I will show you using my home-made Hill Billy long

line, how to teach a dog to come with distractions.

I added a bonus at the end demonstrating how important it is to be silent
when a dog is thinking about being aggressive.

Rex is hell-bent on killing any cat he sees

Not that he would really eat one, but the sight and movement of a cat
sends his adrenalin on high and kicks in his prey drive to the max, if he
catches one of these cats and gives it a good shaking while in the clamp
of his strong jaws,,well the cat is toast.

He is a very strong dog and would easily pull most people right along
with him.

However the strain he puts on the leash is no doubt causing him some
internal throat damage and this behavior must be stopped before he does
himself serious harm.

What you see in the video is after one day of my putting in place the
four laws of nature that govern all dogs.

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puppy running



One of the most important, and quite frankly, life-saving commands you can teach your puppy is to come when you call. You want to be confident that your pup will come to you quickly and without hesitation.

There are a couple of things to remember,

1. Never, and I mean never, punish your dog for coming. You can punish your pup and not even know you did, for instance, your pup is playing with other dogs, digging holes and chasing squirrels, you call him to come, and he when he gets to you, you clip on the leash and take him home, to your pup this is the worst form of punishment and he will hesitate next time you want him to come to you.

2. You will want to practice in steps, first in the house, then in the yard, and finally in a larger park. All of this training should be done with your pup on a leash, in the home and yard on a 6 foot leash, and in the park, a 50 foot leash. This will give you control, and confidence that your pup will not get away from you.

3. At first with no distractions, and then when you know your pup is getting it right, add some distractions, such as other dogs, people, cats, cars, ect.

4. Always reward your puppy for coming to you, even if you didn’t call her to come, for example, give treat, play with toys, ect. Anything that your puppy perceives as a good thing can be used as a reward, even going outside to sniff the ground is a reward for your pup. This will reinforce to your pup that coming to you is a good thing.

5. Use your pups name when training any command, this will let the pup know that when she hears her name it means pay attention, puppies can tune out their name because they hear it so much, but when you train your pup in this fashion,… Call her name, “Lassie”, in the same kind of tone as you would call to a friend to get their attention. When she looks at you, and you must wait until she is looking at you, then give the command to come, encourage her as she approaches with smiles and marked excitement, and immediately reward her with a tasty treat when she gets to you.


This is a very good method to teach your puppy a reliable recall.

Remember this, If your pup is not looking at you they are not paying attention.

If you have questions about this or any other topic, please contact me via the contact form at the bottom of this post, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



dog bonding

It is very easy to build a strong bond with your dog that will last forever and make training so much easier. Here are a few tips that I know will help.

1. Take some time each day to really pay attention to your dog, sit down in a quiet place and gently stroke his or her head, rub their belly and in soothing tones, tell them they are a good dog.

2. Hand feed your dog at least a portion of their daily food, this will reinforce to your fuzzy faced buddy that you are the one who gives him food.

3. Train him or her every day, it don’t need to be a long session,, 5 minutes will do it. Keep it simple, teach him/her to sit, come, or stay.

4. Go for walks every day, and always be consistent and kind. Soon your dog will do anything you ask, not because they have to but because they want to.

If you have any questions or need help with training, just send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.