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social cuesGood morning ,

I hope you are all doing well .. it’s Friday and some of you will be heading out with your dogs to take part in various weekend activities,. so I wanted to chat with you for a minute about your dogs before you head out..

I am often asked to help people train their dogs to be more social with dogs they meet on the street and in the dog parks instead of being a loner and avoiding play..

This is what I think about that..

It is unfair to ask our dogs to like and play with every dog they meet..

Take a minute and think about how we go about our day..

We may pass hundreds of people during the course of a day..but we only interact with a few of them.. we say hi to a couple of friends at the local coffee shop..and say thank you to the check out clerk..

But if we are being honest,..

Many of them really freak us out..

We are social with everyone,..we nod and smile,..and hopefully we don’t attack anyone.. lol

We behave in a socially exceptable manner.. but we don’t care to chat or get involved with everyone..

Dogs are much the same..some dogs they like..others they don’t ..and to try to force them into interactions with strange dogs is a recipe for disaster..

I expect my dogs to be social ..and not attack any dogs..but I don’t expect them to immediately like and go play with strange dogs..

It’s for this reason that I don’t go to the dog park..there are too many strange dogs..that may or may not have any social training..

I prefer to get to know any dog that is going to interact with my dogs..and their owners as well..that way I can be reasonably sure my dogs are going to have a happy and fun-filled romp with their new buddies..

If you have questions about this or any post, please write me in the comments and I would love to chat with you more..

Have a great weekend..and try not to attack anyone ūüôā

All the best,


10698556_709404422448305_6222598759717460874_nWhen people ask me about the importance of being your dogs Alpha I always say the same don’t matter how many times I eat before feeding my dogs, or come in the house and ignore them.. I will never be able to convince my dogs that I am a dog.

I don’t have anal glands,

I don’t have four legs, or ears that move around to catch the slightest sounds in the environment..

and I can’t smell urine¬†from miles away..

Think about it for a minute..

If our dogs looked at us like we were a dog..then why is it that a dog aggressive dog is not aggressive toward humans?

We as humans can never be Alpha over our dogs..and the reason is as I see it..dogs can only truly pack up with their own kind..

They are able to recognize their Mother and other dogs through sight, smell, touch and sound. Simply put a dog will know another dog when they meet it..and likewise they know that when they meet humans,.. we are a different species.

We have become connected to them by thousands of years of domestication and the building of close ties..that’s it period.

In my opinion dogs see us as just another resource..that’s why an untrained dog will guard their humans with aggression..they will protect their resource at all cost.

That is why I always teach people how to control their dogs resources in order to have better control over their dogs behavior..and not just be a resource for the dog.

I feel that there is no long-term benefit to acting like an Alpha, and if you ignore your dog for long periods of time you can actually foster anxiety and confusion..

In a wild pack.. the dogs will all eat together at the same time..there is no line forming in accordance to any pack ranking structure.. if a dog or wolf gets to pushy ..they will be temporarily shunned.. and I use this in some of my training.. a short time out away from the rest of the pack has a great effect on the dog..and his pushiness is soon a thing of the past..

So for those of you that think that biting a dogs ears or rolling them onto their back and holding them until they shut down makes you the Alpha..

I am afraid you have been sold some snake oil..

You will never be able to fool your dog into thinking you are the Alpha.. it is much better to learn how to control the resources, provide structured training, and work with your dog as his partner ..this is how your dog will be convinced that you have what it takes to lead them..

I hope this has given you something to think about.. if you have any questions I would love to hear from you.

Have a great day..


come when called reuseHow to Be Sure¬†Your ¬†Dog Won’t¬†Come When Called!


Self Awareness and Judgement



If you could see through the eyes of your dog you would see that the way you are currently calling your dog to come to you might not be the best way.

If you are unsatisfied with the results you are getting when you practice the recall command you have to take a closer look at your self.

We see so clearly, hilarious things in the actions of others, yet we are totally blind to what we might be saying or doing.. or the effect it has on our good dogs.

Getting Your Dog To Come Is Easy As Pie


It is not hard at all¬†to get your dog to come to you, the harder task is making sure you don’t blow it by making some very common mistakes.

Your dog want’s to come to you, all you have to do is consistently give him real good reasons to want to.

Keep reminding yourself that you are competing for your dogs attention with other dogs butts, chattering squirrels, and that half eaten sandwich that has laid on the ground for a couple days.

So you got your work cut out for ya.

Here are some things that you can do if you want to be sure your dog Won’t¬†come to you.

Get really angry and call your dog to come.

Just picture it.,,you dog is at the other side of the park playing and sniffing another dogs butt, having a great time. You decide it’s time to head home so you call in a good natured tone of voice, “Come Fluffy.”

Fluffy turns and gives you a glance and then goes right back to sniffin’ and playin’.¬†You feel a sudden flush of¬†embarrassment, other people are watching now.

You hold in your growing frustration and call again,, this time with more authority, ” Fluffy Come Now!”

You can’t believe it, Fluffy is acting like she didn’t even hear you., and now she is way at the other end of the park playing with strangers and their dogs.

Now you are red faced mad, as you stomp across the park, neck veins bulging, muttering under your breath, “Just wait till I get you home.” ¬†and say things that you know you don’t mean, things like,

“I will never bring you to the park again.”

Imagine what you would look like if you could see your angry face in a mirror.

If Fluffy didn’t come when you were in a good natured mood, then she sure as hell aint’ coming when you look like a stark raving lunatic.

Here’s a few more:


Call your dog to come and then put him in the crate.

– Calling your dog to come and then clip his nails, give him a bath or take him to the vets.( Or anything he don’t really ¬† ¬†like)

– Calling your dog to come at the dog park and then clip the leash on him and take him home.

– Be real cheap with your food rewards, dogs really like store bought cardboard cookies. lol¬†– Don’t train your dog to be reliable off-leash, then let him go free and call him to come.

Here’s what to do if you want to guarantee your dog will come to you when you call.

When you’re at the dog park call your dog to come often, reach out and take him by the collar, have him sit, and then give him a big, tasty, piece of sausage or cooked ham.

Rub his ears and tell him how proud you are of him and what a good dog he is, be genuine, because he will know if you are faking it.

Then give him a release command and let him go play.

Do this every time you go to the park and when he is off playing by himself at home. If you are consistent you will teach your dog that when you call ¬†him to come, that¬†means good things are about to happen, and he won’t want to miss out on the goodies.

You are also training him to be compliant and reliable, two very important characteristics of a well trained dog.

Think about what you say and do with your dog, and more importantly how you say and do it.

When you look at things from your dogs point of view, training will become much easier.

All you have to do is imagine how you would react to what you just said, or did to your dog.

Talk soon,


P.S. One of the most important tools you can have is the crate, not only does it provide place for your dog to rest and feel safe, it is a great tool for managing your dogs behavior.

If you are struggling with crate training your dog then you should go here NEXT

The Ultimate Guide To Crate Training Your New Puppy or Dog









In order to train a dog effectively you need to think like a dog, you can’t apply our human view of psychology to train a dog, it just won’t work. Showing your dog that you are setting the rules is easy. There are a few things you need to do consistently to assure your dog that you know how to be an effective¬†leader ¬†for your dog,¬†and he has nothing to worry about, that you will take care of everything. All your dog needs to do is relax and follow your lead.

The first thing you need to learn is what is important to your dog. What we as humans view as important is not the same as your dogs idea of what holds value. For example… if you found a hundred-dollar bill, you would probably go shopping and tell all your friends of your good fortune, but if your dog found a hundred-dollar bill lying on the ground he would most likely pee on it or eat it.

However if your dog finds an old bone with no meat on it and has been half buried for a couple of months, they become excited and chew that bone and bury it in the yard, and if another dog comes and tries to take that bone, well your dog is going to try everything to protect his dirty old bone, because to him it’s the same as finding a hundred dollars. To you it is just a dirty old disgusting bone that is not worth anything.

That is why it is important for you to become familiar with what your dog finds valuable, and it is not the same for all dogs, each dog is unique and can have different ideas on what is valuable. My dog Lola for example cares nothing about a bone unless it is fresh and there is meat on it, but show her a stick, or anything made of wood, and she acts like she just found that hundred-dollar bill. So I use this knowledge to reinforce good behavior, for example, if she lies quietly while I write this post, then I will reward her good behavior with a good game of fetch the stick.

The key here is to make your dog wait for what it is they want, teach them to have patience by setting rules, boundaries and limitations as to what they get and when they get it.

Always have your dog work for what it is they want. For example, go for a good walk before meals and have your dog perform a variety of physical and mental exercise in order to earn their food, not only are you demonstrating that you know how to be the leader for your dog, but it also helps drain excess energy and provide structure to their life.

There is a lot more to understanding this principal that will allow you to control your dogs behavior, if you want to know more, contact me through the many opportunities offered on my blog.

That’s it for now,

Good luck, and good training