Three Tips To Help Curb Your Dogs Barking While On A Walk

Posted: March 21, 2016 in Dog Behavior
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11188397_818078361580910_7762837488932187458_nIf your dog is barking on leash and it’s ruining your walks,.. then I have three tips that will help you get control over your vocal dog..

There are many reasons your dog will bark while out for a walk..but the main reason is because he or she hasn’t been taught otherwise.. so here are the tips that will get you back in the driving seat and on the path to enjoying your walks again with your fuzzy faced friend.

#1. You want to interrupt your dog while he is thinking about barking..not after he has started..and then redirect your dog to a more appropriate behavior..timing is everything.

#2. The closer you are to what makes your dog bark the harder it will be for you to get him or her to focus on you and your high value food the second your dog thinks about barking..move away from what is attracting your dogs attention and work your eye contact and get a sit..

#3. Use high value food rewards like cooked chicken or cut up pieces of hot dog.. anything that your dog loves but don’t usually get..if your rewards are valuable enough to your dog it will be easier for you to get their attention and work them around the distraction…first at a distance where your dog does not react and then move slowly closer to the thing that makes your dog bark.. You want to set your dog up to succeed ..not to fail…

That’s it for today..I hope you are all enjoying this nice weather and I’ll talk to ya soon.

All the best,


  1. lyn dailey says:

    i actually tried walking my Doberman a couple times lately, if i take a leadrope, hook it to the “joke collar” run it between front and back legs, so i have leverage; then he will not pull as awfully as when its not between his legs. in this day and age, i worry about someone thinking its abuse, but its the only way i can walk him. In regards to barking on a walk, he just whines, and yowels. not as annoying like barking but from sheer hyper stimulation. he does bring it down to a lesser level as the walk progresses. I cant stress enough how much better he does when the rope is in his crotch. Last two days were nice here but chilly, today its snowing. beautiful dog in your pic, i have a GSD too.


    • I wouldn’t be concerned what other people think.. you and I both know that the last thing you would do is abuse your dogs. After all they are not the ones who have to walk them, right? The dog in the picture is Ragnar, he was about 11 months old in the photo..he is going to be 2 years old in June. I have seen the pictures of both your dogs.. they are very beautiful.


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