Why Crate Training Your Dog Could Save Their Life

Posted: January 29, 2016 in My Phiosophy On Dog Training
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crateI want to talk to you about crating your dogs.

A lot of people I talk to struggle with this concept and think its cruel and unusual punishment, or they did use a crate when housebreaking their puppy but no longer use the crate.

I get emails almost daily from people whose dogs are chewing stuff, destroying the furniture and peeing and pooping every where..

This is taking place when they are away and when they are home..

Now I am a huge supporter of crate training your dogs.. it is the best way that I know of to keep your dogs contained and safe when you are away or too busy to watch them.

I always crate my dogs when I am away.. because there is just too much stuff that they could get into that has the potential to kill them..

Poisons, clothing, electrical wires, plastic bags, that could potentially suffocate them if the bag gets stuck on their heads..and if these things don’t kill the dog it could get stuck inside the dog and require very expensive surgery to remove it..

I don’t want to have to dog proof my home every time I leave .. so I put them in crates..

Not only are crates a great way to contain your dogs, it’s good for your dogs mental state of mind..

Just think about it..

What is your dog doing if not in a crate?..

Running back and forth barking at every widow?..

Searching from room to room?..

Getting into the trash?..

Building up stress and anxious behavior that is counter productive to having a calm and well-balanced dog..

I feel it is much better to train your dog to go in and out of the crate on command..and stay there. and to be quiet..

This is great structure training and a great way to build your leadership skills.

The one thing the crate should never be used for is punishment..if your dogs behaves badly..correct them.. sending them to the crate is not like sending a child to their room to think about what they did.. in my opinion it don’t work like that..

So my tip for today is practice having your dog go in the crate, lie down and stay there..leave the door open so the dog learns that just because the door is open don’t mean they can come out..only the command from you will release them to come out..do this many times..and your dog will learn that the crate is for calmness and quiet time..

If you have any questions or need help just let me know and I will help you sort things out..have a great weekend…and all the best.


  1. Capt.Len says:

    I have a 3 year old rescue. I never have crated him and he has never done anything destructive in the house and we leave him alone for several hours most days. Having said that he is highly reactive and not socialized. I have noticed he has developed a habit of picking a safe place. During the day when here, is is a wall with a table and chairs about 2 ft away and a hutch closing off one end. At night we have a front entry area about 3×4 ft with the door on one end and open on the other.. He sleeps there  and stays there till in the morning I call him out to go out back or take a walk. seems to me this could be a crate substitute behavior He was 20 months when we got him and have no knowledge of his previous life. Should I introduce a crate. Have had GSD since 16 now 75 and never used one but never worked with a GSD didn’t raise from a puppy before.



    • Hi Capt. Len,..You have been very fortunate to be able to raise German Shepherds for such a long time and not have any problems.. that being said there is always a first time for everything.. I think it would be in your best interest to provide a crate as the safe place for your dog. That way you can continue to enjoy your remarkable fortune of not having to put your dog down because of something they ingested, or fall victim to some other unforeseen occurrence.. we both know how unpredictable life can be..right? ..and from what you wrote it sounds like your dog has a need to feel safe and has found solitude in that area of your house..I believe he could benefit greatly from the security a crate can provide.. Thanks for your great question and sharing with me..


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