How To Foster Peace and Tranquility For Your Dogs

Posted: January 9, 2016 in Dog Training Methods and Ideas
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Today I want to talk about how you can foster peace and tranquility in your home by training your dogs to go to a place and lay down and be quiet..

Now I know many of you struggle with getting your dogs to stop barking when someone comes to the door, or passes by the this is what you can do..

Put the barking on cue..

Instead of yelling “quiet!” over and over ..which in most cases won’t work because the dogs just think you are joining in.. and reinforces there must be a reason to bark..

So this is how you can do it..

Use a whistle..

If you can’t whistle with your mouth loud enough to be heard over many dogs barking..then buy a referee’s whistle.

To begin you want to “load” the whistle so it has meaning for your dogs..

Get some high value food rewards like cooked chicken, sausage, hot dogs.. what ever your dogs can’t resist.. then when things are quiet.. softly toot the whistle a couple time..and call your puppies or dogs..

” Here Puppies” in a cheerful and happy tone of voice..

The dogs come running and you throw down a handful of the tasty treats.. repeat this for a couple of weeks.. once the whistle has been “loaded” your puppies and dogs will learn that when they hear it they come running and good things happen..

Now you can put it to use when they bark at anything..instead of yelling ..which don’t work most times anyway..

Give a couple loud toots on the whistle..dogs quit barking and come see what you got for them.. give them a reward and send them to their place to lay down..

Use this method when they are in the yard..

Let’s say they are running up and down the fence barking at the neighbors cat, dog, kids..

Toot the whistle ..

Dogs come running..

In time you can fade out the rewards and replace them with life rewards and your praise..

Occasionally use food to reinforce the whistle so it maintains meaning for your dogs..

A couple more things you can do to make sure your dogs are less likely to bark uncontrollably.. is to make sure you give them daily opportunities to work out their stress and anxiety..

Go for a structured walk every day..

Head out to the back yard and play tug of war to engage their prey drive…and always let your dogs win..

That’s it for today..I hope this helps a little..have a great weekend.

  1. lyn says:

    Hi Harley, excellent idea. my neighbor and i both have fenced yards but our dogs hate each other. i tried to have them meet while we were relaxed. i didnt go well, it started ok, but then my Dobie got ramped up in chasing her and was getting a frenzied look about him, so i brought the meeting to a close. The situation remains the same, my dog stalks her, then when she is let out he runs down the yard and smashes the fence. Ive even had to double the fence with a tall solid section where our yards overlap. so annoying, to all concerned. Hes oblivious to the shock collar now, does his running and barking for a few passes and runss back up to the house. but its still a great annoyance to the other neighbors. ive done it all with him, even the rewards thing. ANother problem is my husband wont stick to a plan. My Dobie and GSD get plenty of running and playing, i cant walk the Dobie, he pulls awful, my back wont take it. Ill try to send a pic of my guys.


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