You Can Never Be Your Dogs Alpha

Posted: January 6, 2016 in My Phiosophy On Dog Training
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10698556_709404422448305_6222598759717460874_nWhen people ask me about the importance of being your dogs Alpha I always say the same don’t matter how many times I eat before feeding my dogs, or come in the house and ignore them.. I will never be able to convince my dogs that I am a dog.

I don’t have anal glands,

I don’t have four legs, or ears that move around to catch the slightest sounds in the environment..

and I can’t smell urineĀ from miles away..

Think about it for a minute..

If our dogs looked at us like we were a dog..then why is it that a dog aggressive dog is not aggressive toward humans?

We as humans can never be Alpha over our dogs..and the reason is as I see it..dogs can only truly pack up with their own kind..

They are able to recognize their Mother and other dogs through sight, smell, touch and sound. Simply put a dog will know another dog when they meet it..and likewise they know that when they meet humans,.. we are a different species.

We have become connected to them by thousands of years of domestication and the building of close ties..that’s it period.

In my opinion dogs see us as just another resource..that’s why an untrained dog will guard their humans with aggression..they will protect their resource at all cost.

That is why I always teach people how to control their dogs resources in order to have better control over their dogs behavior..and not just be a resource for the dog.

I feel that there is no long-term benefit to acting like an Alpha, and if you ignore your dog for long periods of time you can actually foster anxiety and confusion..

In a wild pack.. the dogs will all eat together at the same time..there is no line forming in accordance to any pack ranking structure.. if a dog or wolf gets to pushy ..they will be temporarily shunned.. and I use this in some of my training.. a short time out away from the rest of the pack has a great effect on the dog..and his pushiness is soon a thing of the past..

So for those of you that think that biting a dogs ears or rolling them onto their back and holding them until they shut down makes you the Alpha..

I am afraid you have been sold some snake oil..

You will never be able to fool your dog into thinking you are the Alpha.. it is much better to learn how to control the resources, provide structured training, and work with your dog as his partner ..this is how your dog will be convinced that you have what it takes to lead them..

I hope this has given you something to think about.. if you have any questions I would love to hear from you.

Have a great day..


  1. pauline bailey says:

    Hi, I have a 7 month old female GSD, I have had her since 8 weeks and has always been full of herself even with my 3 year old male. They play together a lot and he is very good with her. She will take any toy he picks up off him, if he goes for another she will take that, he does tell her off occasionally but she will come back at him. The problem I have is her nipping, its worse in the morning when she comes out of her crate, it is excitment, but she will grab clothes or hands and jumps up. I have tried turning away from her, giving her a shake but she still does it. I just want the biting and jumping up stopping. She is a very quick learner with everything else and will do anythng for a treat, the other problem is coming when called when she is out. I have tried hiding like you suggest in your emails but she is too concerned with what she is doing. I have her on a 100 foot line now to drag her in when she doesn’t come. I have had GSD’s for many years but she is a real challenge Any suggestions would be great Pauline Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2016 14:12:42 +0000 To:


    • Hi Pauline, thanks for writing me.. from what you have written it is clear to me that your dog is not convinced that you are capable of leading her.. that being said there is a lot you can do to change that.. I will write a post in the next day or so outlining how to begin to address your issues I can’t help you in this forum.. thanks for taking time to read my post.. I appreciate it.


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