The One Thing You Need To Do In Order To Have Well Trained Dogs

Posted: January 3, 2016 in My Phiosophy On Dog Training
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I was talking with a friend of mine this morning and she asked me what one thing is most important in order to have well-trained dogs..

I thought about this for a moment and realized that the one thing I do that makes all the difference in how any dog responds to me is that I always work with them when my mind is clear and calm..

I have found a way to shut out thoughts about yesterday and tomorrow..

and to just be that moment of time…

It’s in these moments of mindful awareness that we can both share peace…

Dogs are masters of living in the moment.. but because of the stress of living in our world they often have difficulty calming their mind.. this is when we start seeing behavior problems..

People have difficulty with this concept.. but can experience life in the moment.. for example..

If a soldier is going into combat ..there are no thoughts of tomorrow or yesterday..they are focused on the task at hand..

so to is the person who jumps out of an airplane..

But how can someone get into the present moment from the safety of the living room couch?..

I would like for you to try this 30 second experiment.. sit quietly in your living room or any room for that matter.. and focus on a spot on the floor.. don’t move your eyes from that spot or move your body.. this is important because if your body is moving..your mind is not settled….

Now become aware of the weight of gravity pulling on your body holding you to the chair or floor..

Now focus on a sound in the room..

the hum of the refrigerator ..

the ticking of a clock..

If there is no sound..then the white noise you hear in your head…

Now just hold that focus and mindful awareness of sight,feeling,and sound.. if a thought creeps into your mind that’s o.k..just go back to focusing …

As you hold this mindful awareness for the 30 seconds try to think about what you will do tomorrow.. you will find it is very hard to do.. practice this daily and work it up so you can hold this focus and awareness for 5 minutes at a time..

Then let your dog into the room..don’t look at your dog or speak to them.. just go into this mindful awareness.. you will be surprised how your dog reacts to it.. in most cases your dog will lay down and go to sleep.. and when they do you will know that you have connected with your dog in that present moment.. and you both will feel the peace..

Your training will grow exponentially.. I guarantee it..

I would love to answer any questions you might have, or discuss with you how living in the moment can vastly improve the relationship you have with your dogs.. contact me anytime.. and have a great day!


  1. Nancy Gibbemeyer says:

    Hi Harley- enjoy your articles. Quick question – how do I get my 4 yr old shipoo to come when called. He used to but I think since a lot of the time I call him it’s to clean his eyes, brush his teeth, or get him picked up for a bath. He probably expects something being done to him. If he can see a treat in my hand he’ll come 90% of the time. Any suggestions??? Thanks s bunch- Nancy

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    • Hey Nancy, thanks for the great question.. you are right in saying that part of the problem is that you have been calling him to come and then doing something he may find irritating.. so let’s fix that.. first stop showing the treat ..keep it hidden until he comes to you.. have a look at this video when you have time.. and write me if you need help getting started again.. take care and have a great day!

      Click here to see the video..


  2. lyn says:

    yes, the calm and not moving around when the dogs come in works. after a couple minutes they lay down.


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