Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior From The Dogs Perspective

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Dog Behavior
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Fact: most dogs will develop behavior problems that can
cause their owners to become stressed.

It is important to understand that what you may interpret as a
problem with your dog is in fact just your dog doing what
comes naturally to them and for the most part provides a
happy feeling for your pooch.

Barking, digging, peeing and pooping are some of the
characteristics that define a dog as a species.

It is this psychological need that motivates your dog to be a dog.

Jumping, running, chasing, sniffing and growling are just as
normal for a dog as tail wagging and burying objects of value.

So it is vital for dog owners to understand that it is not what
your dog is doing that is causing the problems, the issue is with
how your dog is expressing their natural instincts.

For example if you could understand what your dog is saying
you would discover that they think it is perfectly Ok to jump
into your arms to say hello, and nothing is more fun than to run
through mud puddles, or stare at a shadow on the wall for a
long time.

Some dogs would tell you that it is a natural-born right to howl
at the moon in the middle of the night or pee on the carpet so
they don’t get their feet wet.

So you see what you see as bad behaviour they see it as just being
a dog.

With this in mind you can now see that it is highly unrealistic
for you as a dog owner to think your dog will behave like some
of the highly trained dogs you might see on your favourite T.V.

If you have rules but do not consistently teach your dog how to
behave, then don’t be surprised when they break the rules and
develop dog problems, after all they can’t know the secret to
how to behave if you don’t share it with them and will without
a doubt get punished for doing what comes natural to them.

Set the rules about how you want your dog to behave and then
teach them to express their dog-ness in the right way. Make
sure you are fair and take the time to teach your dog how to
behave when you are walking in the city, or in the country side,
or visiting friends.

Failure to do this will almost certainly result in your dog making
the decisions for themselves and will fill their day with activities
that you will not enjoy.

So remember to take the time to teach your dog’s where to
pee, and how long to bark, where to dig holes, and what to
chew on, and how to walk on a leash, to prevent dog problems.

Take extra special time to socialize your dog to all kinds of
people, and how to play other dogs.

When you do this your life and your dog’s life will be better for it.

all the best,


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