Walking Your Dog Off Leash In Public Is A Very Bad Idea

Posted: September 13, 2014 in Dog Behavior, Dog Training Methods and Ideas, My Phiosophy On Dog Training
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Earlier this week I was asked what I thought about videos that show people walking their dog or dogs on busy streets
without leashes.

I have watched many of these videos and what I see shows the hard work that some people put into their dogs training.

I too teach my dogs to follow me off leash and are trained to the highest level of reliability, so I understand the
dedication and commitment that is required to be successful, and trust your dog to obey you without hesitation or failure.

How they trained these dogs is of no concern to me..I could care less if they use a prong collar, e-collar or a horse

That being said, I do not recommend using anything that causes pain to train your dogs.

There are two things that really bother me about these videos..

1- These dog owners are putting the safety of their dogs and the public at risk..for the sake of their ego’s…plain and

I don’t care how well-trained and reliable you think your dogs are there is always the one in a million chance that
something unexpected will happen and spook your dogs..

-A car could backfire and spook one of the dogs into the street only to be hit by another car..or worse the car swerves to
avoid the dog and strikes a person on the sidewalk or crossing the street…

-Another off leash, less well-trained aggressive dog might be waiting around the next corner..and I know I would not want
to have a bunch of dogs off leash when something like that happened..

I could go on for hours about what could very well happen at any given moment…but I won’t bore you.

That’s why I would never take my dogs out into the pubic with being leashed..even though I know I could..back in the day I
walked a pack of 23 dogs off leash through the fields and woods of my family farm.,and my dogs that I have today are
trained to follow me off leash..but never on the roadway without being leashed.


Just because you can do something don’t mean you should..

The second thing that concerns me a little less about these types of videos is that they are blatantly self-serving..

For the most part these people are trying to get noticed or get a million hits on their YouTube channel.. and screams
loudly..”look at me”, “see what I can do.”

There is no educational value to these videos, as they do not teach people the skills they need to develop to have well
trained dogs that look to them for guidance…in my opinion these videos serve only one purpose and that is to gain
attention and are strictly ego driven non-sense.

It really pisses me off when I see people put their dogs safety and that of the public at risk just to make themselves look
good and sell a few more trinkets or tee-shirts.

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all the best



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