How To Introduce Your New Baby To Your Dog

Posted: July 29, 2014 in My Phiosophy On Dog Training
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Have a sniff – get your dog used to the smell of the new baby before you bring him/her home. A blanket you used in the hospital will do fine, this is a good first step to introduce your new baby to your dog.

Leash your dog – start at a distance and if the dog is calm then slowly move closer to the baby, if at any time the dog shows excitement..move back to where he is not reacting and praise.

Be calm – dogs mirror our emotional state so if you are worried then your dog will be worried as well.

Reward the positives – don’t be too concerned with what you don’t want your dog to do,instead reward any good behavior they show.

Let him get a nose full– Dogs need to smell new things so if your dog is calm then let him have a good sniff of the baby..and reward calm behavior.

No Licking – if the dog tries to lick the baby then give him a stern No! and if he continues put him in time out.

Set clear boundaries – there needs to be places where you put the baby and the dog understands that he or she can’t go in there, like the bedroom, or play areas.

Respect Baby’s personal space – guard your babies space and teach the dog that he or she must stay on their place or if lying on the floor near the baby if fine by you then that is what the dog will learn.

Chewing toys – Your baby is going to have lot’s of toys to play with and you must teach your dog that they do not belong to him or her and if you catch them chewing these toys say..No! and give them something they can chew on..

It goes without saying that you must always supervise whenever your dog is near the baby..while the dog may not make the first move..your baby surely will..when he or she becomes aware of the dog.

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