Does Your Dog Simply Tolerate You?

Posted: July 29, 2014 in Dog Behavior, Dog Training Methods and Ideas, My Phiosophy On Dog Training
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Dogs have evolved to want to live with us, they are dependent on us
for food and shelter and will tolerate even the most horrendous
abuse at the hands of their care takers. They tolerate us more than
we tolerate our own kind.

Think about it, if you put your best friend in the trunk of one car
and put your dog in the trunk of another car, and left him or her
there for 2 hours, who do you think will be happy to see you when
you finally open the trunk.

Most people have no idea about the level of stress they put on
their dogs every day, just by being a human being.

In last nights rant I talked about how confusing it is for dogs when
their owners interact with them from a humans point of view.

Here is the word of the day…


For those who have not heard of this word in
relationship to our dogs it means using human ideas and feelings
to explain dog behavior.

People do it all the time it’s almost like they can’t help it.

For example, a dog tears up the carpet and destroys the door frame and
the owners will say he did that because he was mad that we left him
home, and when we got home we could tell he knew he did wrong
because of the look in his eyes.

Then to make matters worse the owners will then proceed to chastise
the dog like it was a child who knows better and attempt to train
or punish the behavior away.

Dogs and humans have evolved with the ability to get into each
others minds, but this can only be accomplished when words and
human ideas are taken out of the equation.

It’s o.k to be human with your dog, what other choice do you have,
but be aware that you are communicating with a different species
and they don’t understand the words that are coming out of your

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