Video Post: The Earliest Age To Begin Working With Puppies

Posted: July 18, 2014 in My Phiosophy On Dog Training, Puppy Training
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blue blood puppy

I have been raising and training Blue Blood German Shepard’s since 1976

and in that time I have learned one thing to be the absolute truth,people
love puppies and will do just about anything to get the one that pulled
at their heart-strings.

Unfortunately for most of these people their fantasy about what it’s
like to have a cute little puppy is short-lived.

Once they get the little critter home it begins to bite fingers, chew up
the shoes, run around the house like their tail is on fire, and poop and
pee every where.

I made this video to explain that there is a way to
make sure the pup you buy and bring home has some manners,is house
broken, and has been learned appropriate chewing habits.

That being said, once the puppy comes to live with you, it is your job to
ensure the training and socialization continues for a lifetime.

So go ahead and watch this short video, where I bring out my new puppies
for the very first time.

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have this important information the next time they think about how
wonderful it is to have a new puppy.

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Video 2 Puppies getting used to solid food at the age of 36 days


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