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Sometimes people get real touchy about what words to
use in order to get their dog to do a certain behavior.

I will often find myself in the middle of a heated
discussion between two people who are trying to train
the same dog.

One will say,” I tell my dog to sit, and my wife tells
him to park it. Then they both look at me to settle it.

These kind of interactions make me a little nervous cause
I never get in the middle of anyone’s dispute but in these
cases I was hired to come and help them to get on track
with their dogs training and there is so much misinformation
out there in the dog training world, that I feel it’s
important enough to get in the middle of a family argument.

I tell these people  it don’t really matter what words
you use, it’s your dog and as long as you have been clear
when teaching the dog the command and consistent with your body
language,then your dog is going to be smart enough to know what
you want him to do. I will say that the more simple you make it
the easier it will be to train your dog.

You always want to give your commands in a calm but commanding
tone of voice. Just a little sharper than normal conversational

So don’t worry so much if Dad says “Sit”, and Mom says “park it”,
or Mom says “down” and Dad says “lay down”.

Just use the words that comes naturally to you, so you will be more
likely to be consistent, consistency is the key, not the words we use.

In traditional English-speaking dog training we use the words
come,sit,down,and stay as verbal cues to get our dogs to do a certain behavior.

I have taught many dogs these same commands in French and German,
hell you could even train your dog in “Hippopotamus.”

It would break down something like this:

Hip- means come
Po- means sit
Pota- means down
Mus- means stay

With enough training you could hypothetically, say “Hippopotamus”,
and your dog would come,sit,down and stay all in one take.

Watch this video I made while training a 12 week old Belgian Malinois
named Sid these commands in French.

So to put it in a nut shell, it don’t matter so much the words you
use to command your dog, but don’t change it up every week or your
dog will get confused and training will be more difficult. And who
knows maybe you will be the first in your neighborhood to train your
dog in “Hippopotamus.”

All the best,






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