Treat Your Dog Regularly For Ticks and Fleas

Posted: June 5, 2014 in Dog Behavior, Dog Training Methods and Ideas, Puppy Training
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When we bring a new dog home it becomes our responsibility to care for and train them for the rest of their lives.Along with regular trips to the vets office to make sure they are healthy,one of the most important things you must do for your dog is to treat your dog regularly for ticks and fleas.


These blood sucking parasites are dangerous to the health of your dog, and pose a risk to us as well. You have heard of the bubonic plague, or the black death that killed 200 million people between the 14th and 16th century’s.This makes fleas one of the largest killers of humans of all time. Fleas have been around a lot longer than us or dogs and can live on a wide variety of animals,mammals,and birds.

One single pregnant female flea can have up to 4000 eggs in one laying, and takes roughly 21 days to hatch and grow up to adults. If not treated this number can climb into the billions is just a few weeks, and can cause your dog to have tapeworms,or skin diseases.In some instances they can kill your dog.


The life cycle of the tick is longer than that of the flea, and do not reproduce in those larger numbers, but they must drink some blood in order to evolve into the next stage of their life cycle. Tick also spread diseases like, Lyme disease,Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Allergic reactions are common place, one being a allergy to red meat which can be dangerous for dogs and people.

The best way to make sure your fuzzy faced friend do not fall ill due to a bite from one of these nasty little creatures,is to make sure you take your dog to the vet and have them treated with a topical flea treatment. I do not recommend you use the stuff you buy at the Wall Mart, as these have been known to harm dogs,even kill them.

Shampooing your dog might kill the adults but remember that 4000 egg count, well shampoos rinse off and does nothing to kill the eggs. You want to make sure that the protection is going to last at least 30 days, which a little bit longer than it takes for flea eggs to hatch and grow to adults.

Remember fleas and ticks must feed on blood before they can move on in their life cycle, so it’s not a matter of if your dog gets fleas, but when. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so treat your dogs regularly for ticks and fleas.

I hope you found this helpful,please share it with your friends so they can protect their dogs too.



  1. johnplatinum says:

    Good explanation of fleas and ticks. We have a lot of ticks where I live and this year is worse than ever, so be careful out there!


    • Thanks for your comment. Not only is it important to check your dogs for ticks… be sure to give yourself a good going over..ticks are ancient creatures and can really cause a lot of problems for their hosts..


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