How To Deal With An Aggressive Territorial Dog

Posted: May 31, 2014 in Dog Behavior
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territorial dog

If you own a dog and regularly take them for walks in your neighborhood you have no doubt had an experience with a territorial dog that is exhibiting aggression but is confined to his yard by a fence, or is hooked up to a chain. When you approach they begin barking,growling, hair standing up and may even charge at you and your dog until they fetch up at the end of the chain. If you have ever wondered what to do if by chance that dog gets loose and you are faced with how to deal with an aggressive territorial dog, then I have some tips for you.

Most dogs who are being territorial don’t really want to hurt you, they just want you to go away. In their mind they are protecting what they view as their property, ie, the yard, a vehicle, a couch. If they suddenly get free from their restraints they may even chase you.

It is important to remember this when responding to this kind of encounter.

Stand Your Ground.

It can be very frightening to be faced with a dog rushing toward you acting like they are going to tear you to shreds, and understandably so. Your first instinct is to run but you need to resist the urge to run as this will only kick the dog’s prey drive in and you will be more likely to get bitten.


Instead stay calm and be assertive, stand fast,put your dog behind you and face the dog but avoid making direct eye contact, as this will be viewed as a threat or challenge and escalate the situation.When the dog is about 10 feet away from you say,”Hey”! in your best assertive voice. Most dogs will stop immediately and show a bluster of behavior, barking,growling, circling.

Keep facing,circling with the dog and continue to periodically say,”Hey”! and continue to stand fast, but watch out, because the dogs intent was to drive you away and may even try to bite you to get his point across. In most cases when you control yourself, and the momentum of the situation,the dog will eventually give up and go away.

There you have it, by staying calm and assertive and controlling your environment it is possible to deal with an aggressive territorial dog,without anyone getting injured.

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