Three Things To Know About Small Breed Dogs

Posted: May 16, 2014 in Dog Behavior, Puppy Training
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dogs playing


There are many benefits to having a small breed dog, they make great companion pets, they are easily transported, and they don’t require a lot of room. However this doesn’t mean they are any easier to train or handle than a larger breed. Just a little different. For example exercise,food rations, and training are established with their size in mind.

There are three main areas that we will be taking a look at today.

1. Nutritional needs of small breed dogs

Because of the higher rate of metabolism, a small dog will burn up their food a lot faster than larger breeds. That’s why they need to eat a high calorie based food at least 3-4 times per day. If they don’t get enough nutrients, they can develop hypoglycemia, which will make the pup weak and trembly. Although these requirements diminish with age they will always need to have a dog food that is formulated for little dogs, to help keep him energized and maintain a healthy weight.

2.Consistent Daily Training

When it comes to training, your little dog needs the same education as large dog. You need to teach them to come when called, for their safety, they need to learn how to sit and be quiet to help avoid the all to often, yap,yap,yap, when they get excited by the doorbell. They also need to be taught where and when to use the bathroom, so crate training is essential. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that when using leash corrections, go easy, they won’t break but they can be injured easier than larger dogs who have neck muscles that can withstand harsh jerking and pulling.

Note: If you are pulling and jerking on the leash regardless of if you have a small dog or a big one, you might want to check this out.

 Leash pulling

3. Exercise Every Day

While not every little dog is like the Jack Russell Terrier, a real fire-cracker who can get into trouble if they don’t have enough exercise, both mental and physical, small dogs do need regular daily exercise. A couple of long walks each day, or an energy draining game of fetch or tug, will usually be enough to help them rest peacefully. If your small breed dog seems restless, pacing back and forth or getting into things he should be leaving alone, then maybe he could benefit from more exercise.

Just a couple more thing before I go

While it’s easy to pick up a small dog and carry them in your arms, I would suggest leaving him on the ground. When you pick them up and carry them, you are forcing them to come face to face with every person or dog you meet, and this may be uncomfortable for them.

By leaving them on the ground they can be free to move away or engage people as they wish, and will be less likely to be growly when strangers approach you.

Live long and prosper

While nobody knows exactly why, small breed dogs tend to live longer than large breed dogs. That doesn’t mean that they have no health issues. Little dogs have problems with knee joints, trouble with birthing, and if you have a pug, they can have breathing problems because of their smashed face characteristic, especially in hot weather.

That’s it for today, Please feel free to share this with your friends

Good luck and good training



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