How To House Train Your New Puppy or Adopted Dog

Posted: May 13, 2014 in Dog Behavior, Puppy Training
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The number one thing to remember when learning how to house train your new puppy or adopted dog, is that if you can’t watch them, you must confine them to a crate until you are confident they are house broken.

If you don’t have a crate, then a small room like the bathroom or kitchen is fine. Use gates to keep them in one general area.

I suggest getting a crate, they are perfect for many different occasions, like a trip to the vet, or a good place for them to sleep at night. Besides a dog will not usually soil the place where he sleeps.

When you are at home you can also tie your dog to you with a leash to be able to quickly go outside if your dog needs to go.

Set a routine, and stick to it, for example eat, drink, and go for a walk, this will establish a pattern that your dog will adhere to.

Give your dog a reasonable amount of time to eat, 10 minutes is usually plenty, and then pick up the bowl and put it away.

Do not leave food in the dish because if your dog can eat when ever he wants, you will not be able to establish a predictable patter in his use of the bathroom. However your puppy or dog should have access to fresh water at all times.

Once you begin to observe your puppy or dog, you will soon notice that they have a pattern to when they use the bathroom, for example, a puppy will most likely want to go pee when you are playing with him, or just after they wake up, or just before or after they eat, or drink. Puppies usually need to go every two hours or so.

This routine is the same for older dogs that have been adopted, treat them as they were just puppy’s too.

What to do when they pee in the wrong place

Never hit or yell at your puppy or dog for going inside, if you do then they will learn that it is safer if they wait until you’re not in sight. They didn’t do it just to make you mad, they simply had to go and you didn’t catch them in time.

If you catch them in the act, then a sharp “hey,hey!” and pick them up or if they are on a leash, quickly run outside.

What to do when they pee in the right place

Once your outside, stop and let your dog sniff and explore the 6 foot radius of the leash. Do not say anything, when he starts to go, remain silent, because if you speak he may stop and look for you to play. Later when he is trained you can start to add a phrase like, “hurry up, go pee,”.. remember this is not a time for play.

Let him finish, and then give a treat, play, praise him tell him what a good boy he is. This will reinforce to your dog that you really like what he just did and it will encourage him to repeat this behavior to get the reward.

Some other tips about how to house train your new puppy or adopted dog..

You can expect your puppy to be fully house trained by the age of 6 months, it is unrealistic to think it will happen before because your puppy has very little control over his bladder until then.

If your pup or dog makes a mistake inside, then you need to eliminate the odor or they will go there again, regular house hold cleaners just don’t work, but there are many product at your local pet store that will do this.

Newspaper training just teaches your dog that it’s o.k. to go inside the house, I suggest getting a crate.

If you go out and he don’t go, never assume he don’t need to and let him have free run of the house, put him back in a confined area for 10-15 minutes and then try again.

Last but not least, have a rolled up newspaper handy, and when your dog makes a mistake in the house, whack yourself a couple of times, because any mistakes in-house training is your fault, not the dog’s.

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