Training Your Puppy Using Short Term Confinement

Posted: May 6, 2014 in Puppy Training
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pup peeing


There is nothing more heart warming than having a little puppy who follows you every where and does what ever you ask. Life is good and there seems to be nothing that could go wrong. He sits, comes and lay’s down when asked, and impresses everyone who comes to visit. However as your little guy grows  up, he will begin to exhibit behaviors that you will no longer find very cute or funny. For example one day you come home to find your little angel has chewed the leg off your couch, or left a big puddle of pee on and around your garbage can, and there is nothing left of your Grandmothers blanket she made for you except tatters and ribbons. Now would be the time for you to consider training your puppy using short-term confinement.


You see, your little darling is now becoming a teenager, and like their counter parts in the human world, will make mistakes as they learn how to live in the world around them.


Some dogs mature( by this I mean becomes a teenager), at different ages, for example small breed dogs, like the Yorkies and the Bichon Frise, mature at about 6 months, medium-sized breeds like Labrador’s and Pit Bulls mature at around 14 months, and large breeds like St. Bernard’s, reach the teenage years at about 2 years of age.


I often hear people say that they don’t know what happened, one day he was a good puppy, and the next, he became an outlaw and seems to have forgotten every thing I taught him, and to top it off, he now humps every leg he sees.


What happened was their little puppy who was contented with the squeaky toy to chew on, now has pain in his gums from his growing teeth, and has discovered that chewing on the hard wood couch leg, makes it feel better, and the humping, well we all know what that is all about.


The sandwich he stole off the coffee table was once out of his reach, but now he can easily see what is up there, and boy did that sandwich taste good, and he will check there often to see if you left anything unattended.


He is not being bad out of spite, or deliberately trying to make you angry, he is simply doing what comes natural to any dog.


In order to regain control of your pups natural instincts to chew and mark their territory, you will need to supervise all their activity, and when you can’t you will need to train your puppy using short-term confinement.


Crate training can be very effective in helping you to manage your puppy’s new-found and sometimes destructive urges. You will need to buy appropriate chew toys, that are durable and won’t fall to pieces when chewed, as this could cause problems if swallowed by your pup.


Having your puppy neutered can help with the marking, and humping behavior.


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