How to Train a Dog to Stop Barking When You Say

Posted: April 28, 2014 in Dog Behavior
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Barking is quite natural to a dog, they bark to let us know when some one is coming, they bark at each other over long distances to communicate with other dogs in the pack, and they bark because, well, just because it’s what dogs do, especially if they are bored.

Let’s look at how to train a dog to stop barking when you say. Sometimes as dog owners we confuse our dogs when it comes to barking. We expect them to bark when a stranger comes to the door, and we praise them for this behavior, but in contrast we get really touchy about barking when we don’t want them to, and may verbally punish them,or even give them a smack and yell at them to shut up.

It is this inconsistency that will cause your dog to become confused about when it is the right time to bark, and when to be quiet. The first step in training your dog to stop barking when you say is to become familiar with his barking patterns, for example, is he upset because he wants to come in and you are ignoring him, is he barking because someone is coming, or is he barking because the neighborhood dogs are having a bark-a-thon.

Each type of bark will have a different level of sound, and different characteristics. Find out what his barking is trying to tell you, and you will be better prepared to train him when to bark and when to be quiet. Training your dog to stop barking when you say can be achieved by setting some rules around this behavior.

For example, I let my dogs bark 3-4  times to let me know that someone is coming or there is a ninja squirrel, trying to infiltrate the bird feeder. My method of training the barking dog is to put the behavior on command, that is to say, I want to be able to control how vocal my dogs are and for how long. I simply start by getting them all worked up and barking like crazy, and then I use the command, “Quiet”! to signal I want them to settle down.

In the beginning it may take 15 “Quiets”, to get them sitting and paying attention, but over time and with patients. this number will begin to decrease, and before you know it you can get them quiet in one or two commands. I don’t want my dogs not to bark I just want them to stop barking when I say.

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