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You may remember when you went to school, and the teacher asked little Johnny why he didn’t pass in his homework,and was made to stand in the corner, or stay after school because the teacher didn’t believe Johnny when he said that he didn’t know how to train his puppy not to chew things, and he ate his homework.



Well any dog owner will tell you about the truth that Johnny spoke of.. I have personally lost, shoes, clothes, furniture, t.v. remotes, you name it and my dogs have chewed it..but that was way back before I finally figured out how to stop my fuzzy faced chewing machines from destroying my house.


Is your dog a chewer? Has he destroyed things in your home or personal items, like clothes, shoes and electronics?


Believe me I know what you are going through.


The good news is I can help..


Lets take a moment and look at this behavior closely..


Cold hard fact….dogs LUV to chew, it is a natural instinct… So, if you don’t give them something to chew, They will be forced to find something on their own,, … and guess what, they will find plenty of things that satisfy their urge to chew and it will probably belong to you.


Chewing can be a very difficult behavior to deal with, but here are some tips that may help:


1. Give your dog a good quality chew toy. Make sure he has plenty of toys and that he knows what is acceptable to chew on and what is not.


2. Change up your dog’s toys often, so he doesn’t get bored.


3. If your dog destroys toys, choose tougher toys that are almost indestructible.


4. Make sure there are no loose parts that can be easily torn off and swallowed.


5. Avoid toys that your dog could swallow or too big for him to play with easily.


6. When you first give your dog a new toy, watch his play to make sure that he plays with it appropriately.


7. Choose washable toys. Dogs are basically dirty, from the crap they walk, in to the drool left behind on the toy. This is a prime breeding ground for a host of bacteria and germs.


If you use these tips and provide consistent leadership for your dog, he will learn what is appropriate for chewing and what is not…


If you want to learn more about this or any other topic, or would like a copy of my Free Report on how to have a well trained dog in 4 easy steps, there is a form below,  fill it out, and hit send, and I will get back to you shortly.






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