Three Things to Keep Your Puppy Out of The Shelter

Posted: April 15, 2014 in Puppy Training
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You only need to visit your local shelter to see how many dogs live there because their owners failed to teach them the three things to keep their puppy out of the shelter. Some shelters have a “No Kill” policy, others do not, and it makes my heart sick to think about how many dogs have had their life cut short because they bit someone or destroyed someone’s home on a regular basis.

There is some good news though, all of this can be avoided by making sure you take the time to teach your puppy these three things that will keep your puppy out of the shelter.




This training is long term training, you will need to expose your pup to all kinds of distractions., such as fire works, car horns, children running and laughing, other dogs. When I say other dogs I don’t just mean the other dog that lives in your house..this is not enough, you will need to have him meet and interact with as many dogs, kids, men,women, as possible. This will help your dog to pay attention to your commands no matter what the distraction.

Most dogs will bite because the are fearful..early and consistent socialization will build confidence in your dog through regular unforced, and positive experiences with other dogs and people.


Bite Inhibition (Using a Gentle Mouth)

How your puppy learns to use his teeth will determine how long he has to live. While chewing and biting are all perfectly natural to your dog, most people will not see it that way. If your dog bites someone or another dog on a regular basis, all your choices will be taken away, and you will possibly face severe consequences.

Bite inhibition is usually taught while the puppy is still with his Mother and the rest of the litter..through play and nursing he is taught that biting to hard will end play with his litter mates, and if he bites Mom to hard, lunch is over. Unfortunately most pups are sold or given away at the age of 8 weeks, this is not long enough for the pup to learn this important lesson, thus the importance of the new owner to begin training the pup to use his mouth gently as soon as they get home.



Destructive Chewing


Chewing is a very natural and normal, however when we take a pup into our home it becomes our job to teach him what he can chew. Chew training usually takes 1-3 months depending how much time you can devote to this activity, it is a good idea to use a crate for those times when you can’t supervise your puppy. If you are going use a real bone for chew training make sure it’s not cooked as these bones will splinter and hurt your puppy..hollow rubber toys made for dogs are ideal for training when you smear peanut butter inside or stuff a portion of their daily allowance of food inside.

Now that you know the three things that will keep you puppy out of the shelter, I hope you will put them into action. If you need help, I am here to provide you the support you need to reach you training goals. Let’s make sure your puppy don’t end up a sad statistic.


Just contact me through the form at the bottom of this post, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. You can also grab a free copy of my training report on How to have a well trained dog in 4 easy steps.




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